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Tine Frich Møller

Different states of the human condition enganges me as an artist, ranging from the immediate and trivial to the more profound that defines us as individuals. 

As a painter, I seek to balance the desire to work both on an immediate and figurative level, and more abstract and profound.  


Somewhat trivial everyday scenes with different historical or thematic references are central to my work, likely to depict a combination of interiors, landscapes and people.


In general i look to capture greater or smaller moments of time. That of presence or absence, and sometimes of just being and of suprise. The latter, as my work, will sometimes entail random arrangements or assemblages. Diminutive interventions in unexpected places, just to let the world know that somebody was just here. 

Tine Frich Møller (b. 1970)  is a multidisciplinary artist, painter, writer and educator. Aside from her art practice at Fornebu in Norway, Tine Frich Møller  is the current Dean of Nydalen Kunstskole in Oslo. She has has several years of experience as an editor and co-owner of a publishing house and  managing her own art studio until the spring of 2012. She became more preoccupied with her own artwork after an editorial collaboration with Kjell Nupen in 2008.  She has undertaken commission work, participated in several collective exhibitions. She has received classical training at Florence Academy of Art in Sweden with Gustav Sundin and Michael DeVore. Since 2021 she is undertaking PhD research in visual arts/creative practice with TransArt Institute and Liverpool John Moores School of Art and Design.



PhD resarcher at Transart Institute and Liverpool John Moore University (LJMU) United Kingdom: School of Art and Design.

2015 - 2018

BKU1-3 and PKU Nydalen Kunstskole

1992 - 1996

MA (hons) University of St. Andrews

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